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Kiwa issues the first Dutch Circular certificate to EPS-Nederland BV

Kiwa has issued the first certificate of the Circular performance to recycling company EPS Nederland. With the certification, EPS Nederland is taking an important step towards an innovative and circular solution for EPS in collaboration with Nedvang. In this way EPS Nederland makes an active contribution to to a circular economy.

Life Cycle Analysis for EPS

EPS Nederland commissioned a so-called Life Cycle Analysis scan of processing routes for EPS packaging waste.

EPS Nederland

EPS Nederland was founded in 2016 in order to stimulate and increase recycling and material reuse of EPS in its pure form and composition. Thereby, EPS Nederland is actively contributing to the transition towards a circular economy. It is crucial to maximize the products recyclability and minimize its value destruction.

In cooperation with specialized partners and with an own innovative concept of collection, we are offering a sustainable chain-solution for discarded EPS. Hence, discarded EPS in the Netherlands, becomes circular EPS in the Netherlands.


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