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In the Netherlands, EPS Nederland endorses the Government-wide program of Circular Economy, ‘The Netherlands Circular in 2050’.

EPS Nederland is actively seeking links with educational institutes and specialised chain partners such as municipalities, companies, and institutions. By joining forces, we can offer smart solutions that accelerate the transition agenda. The less waste of raw materials, the better. Our society operates on what the earth and economy offer us: we use raw materials for food, housing, heat, clothing, electric appliances and mobility.                    

Our need for raw materials will increase in the coming years, in the Netherlands as well as the rest of the world. At the same time, we are still wasting many raw materials with which we lose unnecessary value, pollute the environment, and influence the climate. EPS Nederland is chain partner of producers. Together we initiate and participate in initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. In an innovative way, we implement sustainable collection and processing of used EPS in the Netherlands.