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EPS Nederland offers a social and sustainable solution for discarded EPS (Styrofoam). We collect discarded EPS in a high-quality manner and subsequently reuse it as an original raw material. Hereby we take into account all facets of the value chain. EPS Nederland is a Social company.

Besides complying with legislation, we believe the most important aspect is the values you use when making choices that affect our society. EPS Nederland has developed her business model on the basis of the ‘impact first’ principle, an essential component of social entrepreneurship. That is one of the reasons why we are affiliated with Social-Enterprise. Social Enterprise NL connects social entrepreneurs who do things differently, who work towards an inclusive and circular economy where profit is created for everyone. EPS Nederland is proud to be a Social Enterprise, a recognisable standard for clients who want to contribute positively to our society.

We were founded in 2016 and have been operationally active with a patented (green) collection vehicle since 2017. This vehicle immediately converts ‘EPS waste’ into raw material. With our innovative solutions we are distinctive, but that is not our goal. We prefer to use our knowledge and conviction to create, together with other chain partners, even more social value. This primarily means that we use used-EPS, in its most possible original composition, for new products. This way, manufacturers can use significantly less virgin raw materials for new products. Through our process design – from collection to the reuse of EPS – we contribute to the improvement of the EPS footprint.

EPS Nederland believes in fair opportunities for everyone on the labour market. In that spirit, we are working together with the government to offer these opportunities. We do this by creating space for (re-)integration in our work process and thereby also giving young people the opportunity to develop themselves. Our employees are therefore the most important ambassadors of our company. On a daily basis, they show our clients the positive experience of directly contributing to the transition agenda ‘Circular Economy’. Sustainable, social, new employment, and innovation are our natural core concepts that we put in practice both inside and outside our company.

Working together on resource conservation

In the Netherlands, EPS Nederland endorses the Government-wide program of Circular Economy, ‘The Netherlands Circular in 2050’.

EPS Nederland is actively seeking links with educational institutes and specialised chain partners such as municipalities, companies, and institutions. By joining forces, we can offer smart solutions that accelerate the transition agenda. The less waste of raw materials, the better. Our society operates on what the earth and economy offer us: we use raw materials for food, housing, heat, clothing, electric appliances and mobility.                    

Our need for raw materials will increase in the coming years, in the Netherlands as well as the rest of the world. At the same time, we are still wasting many raw materials with which we lose unnecessary value, pollute the environment, and influence the climate. EPS Nederland is chain partner of producers. Together we initiate and participate in initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. In an innovative way, we implement sustainable collection and processing of used EPS in the Netherlands.