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EPS is also called Styrofoam, tempex or Airpop and is widely used as isolation, packaging, and construction material. EPS is a sustainable and multifaceted synthetic foam that only consists of 2% polystyrene and 98% air. Each cubic meter of EPS contains approximately 10 million balls, also called pearls. Each of these pearls has 3000 closed cells which are filled with air.

EPS packaging offers several advantages for the packaging industry such as good shock resistance, high insulation value, lightly transportable and a 100% recyclable. Thanks to the collecting and processing technique EPS Nederland applies, the unique material structure is preserved and the original raw material (EPS) is immediately usable in new products. EPS is already being used in the construction industry, the medical world and the agriculture and horticulture sector. EPS products have different qualities and a high diversity. The packaging of a washing machine, for example, has a higher compressive strength than the packaging of a mobile phone. EPS Nederland ensures that all different packaging are given a second life.