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Kiwa has issued the first certificate of the Circular performance to recycling company EPS-Nederland

Published: 09-04-2019

Hendrik Roorda (EPS NL), Henk Bos (EPS NL), Bas van Galen (KIWA). Kiwa has issued the first certificate of the Circular performance to recycling company EPS-Nederland. The Frisian recycling company EPS-Nederland was established in 2016 and focuses on material reuse and recycling of EPS (polystyrene foam). In the Netherlands there is not yet a good waste management structure for EPS packaging. With the certification, EPS Nederland is taking an important step towards an innovative and circular solution for EPS in collaboration Nedvang. EPS Netherlands makes an active contribution to a circular economy.

The assessment guideline Performance Ladder Circular (BRL K11006) of Kiwa focuses on management systems. The principles of circular entrepreneurship are key to this guideline. The development and production of products and services must be directly related to the core values of the circular entrepreneurship.

Organizations that have a Circular certificate, show that they meet the requirements set in the assessment guideline. The performance structure that belongs to this guideline consists of an entry level and 4 higher levels.

Sustainable solutions

In collaboration with specialized partners and a patented innovative collection concept, EPS Nederland offers a sustainable chain solution for discarded EPS. The company ensures that discarded EPS within the Netherlands becomes circular EPS. EPS Nederland is the first company to receive this certificate. Henk Bos, director of EPS Nederland, is enthusiastic about the circular certification: "EPS Netherlands hereby offers certainty to municipalities and companies for EPS processing according to laws and regulations with a circular application". EPS Nederland is a Social Enterprise. Partners of EPS Nederland include Circulus Berkel, Omrin, DAR, SUEZ, Renewi and PostNL. The unique collaboration with manufacturers ensures that collecting, processing and reuse of EPS takes place with maximum care for our environment. EPS Nederland makes full use of HVO biodiesel from certified residual and waste for its vehicles. This results in a CO2 reduction up to 90% - from Well-to-Wheel.